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CLIENTELE of Utmost Priority


MGM Blendwell Corporation caters to a wide customer base with vastly diverse profiles.

While the Company has established itself as a trusted and reliable source of quality food ingredients for top large-scale food manufacturing corporations in the Philippines – over the years, MGM Blendwell Corporation has also developed and sustained strong business relations with a robust network of small to medium scale food manufacturing and distribution operators (that have varied geographical & channel strengths), whose dynamic needs & demands the Company continuously prioritizes and consistently serves.

What we do:

  • Manufacture & trade diverse ingredients for the Philippine Food Industry

  • Ensure Clientele Satisfaction via upholding gold standard Quality & Safety

Mission Statement

We are a pioneering manufacturer and provider of food ingredients to various food industries, businesses, and individual entrepreneurs who require highly qualified and safe products and services.

Our resourceful application of logical strategies, technological competence, together with a sincere desire and commitment to serve our clientele distinguishes us from the rest.

We consider everyone in the company, as well as all our business partners, a part of our family, thus always aspiring to safeguard and enable growth for all.

Vision Statement

We will be the favored food ingredients supplier of commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs who are growth drivers of their respective industries, by continuously upholding and committing to best-in-class quality, safety, and customer service.

Quality Policy

MGM Blendwell Corporation is committed to deliver only quality goods and services to its clientele to achieve mutual satisfaction and growth.

It is responsibility of the management and all it’s employees to upload Good Manufacturing Practices, effectively implement it’s quality System To comply with the Statutory, Regulatory and Food Safety Requirements to level up with Global standard, sustain the program and consistently improve through regular review and communication with its business partners as well as within the organizations at all levels.


MGM Blendwell Corporation

We are your one stop service for quality food ingredients delivery right across the country.